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Wax Soap Travel Pouch - Vegan

Superfly Soap

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We have teamed up with a local Fife maker to bring you these vegan wax pouches handmade specially to fit Superfly Soap shampoo, conditioners and body soaps.

Perfect for taking your favourite soap on the go but as these are food safe, they come in handy for lots of things! Simply pop your soap inside and fold over the top and the wax coating keeps the pouch closed.

Choose from Superfly Soap pouches or a lush Monstera print.

These pouches are made from natural unbleached cotton coated in soy wax, candelilla wax, Pine resin and jojoba oil.  They measure 15.5cms x 12.5cms (internal measurements 14.5cms x 10cms), as the items are handmade measurements may vary slightly.

Handmade by Natural Leaf Food Wraps, Markinch, Fife.

As well as being passionate about what goes into my products I'm passionate about what goes around them (and one of the reasons I make bar soap is because I want to minimise single use plastic). You eat with your eyes right? So I had a long think about packaging, I want you to see the products when they're on display but didn't want to use plastics so I decided to use a fully home compostable cellophane for the body soaps. Composting is king! Recycling takes up energy but these wrappers can be composted at home in a well managed compost heap and can even go in council food bins.

Here’s a link to find out more about the wrappers.

When I'm mailing out your orders I want them to arrive in the same condition as they left and I use packaging that’s either reused, made from recycled materials or is recyclable.

Because of the work I’ve done on eliminating single use plastic Superfly Soap has been awarded Plastic Free Champion status from Surfers Against Sewage but the work continues and I'm constantly looking at ways I can reduce the use of SUP's in the production side of the business.